933E Excavator


Vehicle Details

  • BrandLiugong

Emission RegulationTier 2 / Stage II
Gross Power166 kW (223 hp) @ 1,900 rpm
Net Power152kW (204 hp) @ 1,900 rpm
Peak Torque973 N.m, @ 1,500 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Displacement8.3 L
Track Drive
Maximum Travel Speed5.5 km/h
Drawbar Pull300 kN
Shoe Width600 mm
Number of Shoes per side48
Number of Upper Roller per Side2
Number of Bottom Roller per Side9
Hydraulic System
Main Pumps Total Flow2x226 L/min
Relief Pressure, main34.3 MPa
Relief Pressure, boost37.3 MPa
Swing System
Swing Speed10.3 rpm
Reference Arm
Arm Length3,050 mm
Arm Breakout Force, max, ISO137 / 149 kN
Working Ranges (mm)
Maximum Dig Depth7300
Reach at Ground Level10453
Depth of 8 Level Bottom7096
Maximum Dig Height10240
Dump Height7265
Maximum Dig Depth of Vertical Wall6216
Bucket Performance
Standard Bucket Heaped Capacity (Referenced)1.4 m3
Minimum Heaped Capacity of Bucket Options1.4 m3
Maximum Heaped Capacity of Bucket Options1.6 m3
Bucket Breakout Force, max, ISO203 kN
Service Capacities
Fuel Tank520 L
Engine Oil26.5 L
Cooling System35 L
Hydraulic Reservoir195 L
Hydraulic System Total360 L

Vehicle Description

933E Excavator.

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